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In the early summer of May, the campus of Nantong Stalford International School is green and full of vitality and hope. On May 17, welcomed by students volunteers, parents from the Bilingual Department entered the beautiful and tidy campus and walked into the various classrooms to experience first-hand the education their children are receiving in school. During classroom teaching, guided by modern pedagogy, International and local teachers delivered lessons which are student-centered, interactive, experiential and inquiry-based. […]


In order to create a good English speaking environment and cultivate students’ bilingual skills, our school has designated every Thursday as the “English Day”. On this day, students are required to communicate in English and classes also organize a variety of English development activities to foster a conducive atmosphere for using English. The school regularly […]


Weather became hotter in May as the elusive Sun finally made an appearance at Nantong. The one-to-one parents’ meeting arrived in NTSIS with this beautiful season. For the past four years since its establishment, the school has always been committed to developing students’ individual potential and helping them understand their social responsibilities in a loving and safe […]


As Spring arrives on Earth, all things flourish. On April 30th , teachers and students of Nantong Stalford International School left the campus for nature and had an intimate and unforgettable encounter with animals in the great weather of Spring. The Spring Excursion was arranged at the Nantong Forest Safari Park, which features large-scale roaming wildlife. The […]


Full of the fragrance and beautiful views of Spring flowers, on the morning of April 26th, Nantong Stalford International School held its first Preschool Sport’s Day. Parents and children alike showed great passion for the interesting games. The school’s football field was covered with families smiling in the lively music. These Games are aimed at […]


In the morning of April 20th, a very distinctive “International Cultural Experience for Future Leaders” was held at Nantong Stalford International School. With many cultural experience opportunities and interesting activities, children was given an exotic experience without leaving Nantong. At 9:30, more than 80 students and their parents came to the school one after another. The children were exposed to the carefully decorated environment of the […]


As “the World Book and Copyright Day” approaches, the school launched the Fourth Reading Festival. Visiting the Nantong Library and Phoenix International Bookstore is one of the keynote activities during the “Reading Festival”.   On the breezy and sunny morning of April 18, all the teachers and students in the primary and lower middle schools of Nantong Stalford International […]

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