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Reading lasts for a lifetime– Journal of Library Visit during the Fourth Reading Festival


As “the World Book and Copyright Day” approaches, the school launched the Fourth Reading Festival. Visiting the Nantong Library and Phoenix International Bookstore is one of the keynote activities during the “Reading Festival”.


On the breezy and sunny morning of April 18, all the teachers and students in the primary and lower middle schools of Nantong Stalford International School visited the Nantong Library and Phoenix International Bookstore, and experienced in person the charm and profound culture contained within books.


Teachers and students of the primary school visited the city library. Led by the librarian, the students lined up to enter the library. Children were deeply attracted by the profound cultural atmosphere, welcoming reading environment and modern management. They listened attentively and asked questions enthusiastically. During the free reading session, children scrambled to find their favorite books, then sat down quietly and read eagerly accompanied by the splendor of spring.

Teachers and students of the lower middle school visited the Phoenix International Bookstore in Nantong. They listened to the introduction by the staff, found their favorite books, read diligently, and took notes.

Through the learning tour and immersing in the sea of books, a strong desire for reading has been aroused in the students. The thirst for knowledge and joy of learning have been sown in their young hearts. Spring is the best time to learn something. Work hard, students of Stalford!

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