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Nantong Stalford International Kindergarten parents-children games


Full of the fragrance and beautiful views of Spring flowers, on the morning of April 26th, Nantong Stalford International School held its first Preschool Sport’s Day. Parents and children alike showed great passion for the interesting games. The school’s football field was covered with families smiling in the lively music.

These Games are aimed at enriching children’s lives, cultivating their interest and abilities in sports from an early age, strengthening family bonds and the spirit of cooperation. To this end, the school has carefully designed 9 games: namely; hurdle relay, stone-touching relay, pair relay, road recognition for the “blind”, relay of small flying carpets, ice-cream cone relay, running towards different directions, crazy hot wheels and ball relay with chopsticks.

The funny and diversified parent-child games encouraged friendly participation in sports. Parents accompanied their children and partnered with them in all the competitions with great enthusiasm. The innocent pleasure of outdoor play together filled the field with joy and laughter.

For the finale, the parents of each team participated in a three-round tug-of-war competition. The cheering screams pushed the Games to a climax of excitement.

At the final award ceremony, PE teacher announced the results of the Games. Team members went to the podium together and were awarded gold, silver, bronze and Energetic Baby medals by the representative teachers.

Our first Preschool Sports Day celebrated the main ingredient for children’s health, which is exercise through joyful play. Rank is not important. What is important for our young students is to enjoy the beauty of campus life, and to create positive attitudes of life-long learning by encouraging participation in meaningful activities both inside and outside the classroom.

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