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Experience Different Cultures and Cultivate Leadership Quality International Cultural Experience Day a great success in NTSIS


In the morning of April 20th, a very distinctive “International Cultural Experience for Future Leaders” was held at Nantong Stalford International School. With many cultural experience opportunities and interesting activities, children was given an exotic experience without leaving Nantong.

At 9:30, more than 80 students and their parents came to the school one after another. The children were exposed to the carefully decorated environment of the school, and they were full of curiosity and excitement.

At the beginning of the activity,Teacher How briefly and concisely shared the history and features of Malay culture. Parents listened carefully and had a rudimentary understanding of the long Malay culture.

After the talk, the children were divided into three groups and followed the team leader happily to different stations to take part in the activities, and immersed in the charm of the Malay culture.

Now, let’s relive the joyous experience through videos—

At the first stop, children learn to sing a Malay Song. The Malay song rasa sayang is a very popular children’s song with a light rhythm and a lot of love. The children sang and laughed happily under the guidance of Ms Fei Fei, our music teacher.

At The second station, children learned how to perform Malay dance. The flowing and graceful dance attracted the interests of the parents and children. They all danced happily with the dance music………

Indoor game was the main feature of the third station. In front of the theatre, on carefully replicated matted floor, there were game items, such as CONGKAK, batu seremban (beanbag game), Goli (pellet throwing) and Zero Point (rope skipping). These popular Malay children games drove the atmosphere to a climax.

The fourth stop is the outdoor experience on the playground: Sepak Takraw (rattan ball) and Tinikling (bamboo dance).

Sepak Takraw (Rattan ball) is the most popular sport, well known as the “kicking volleyball”. It attracted immediate attention from many parents and children.

Tinikling is also an activities of high traditional significance. With the rhythmic and regular beat, the dancer leaped forward and backward swiftly at the moment when the bamboo separated and closed, and made all kinds of beautiful movements naturally and gracefully. With the happy and passionate music, bamboo dance led the experience to a climax!

At the end of the activity, sampling delicious food of Southeast Asia was also an important part of the activities. The exotic delicacies, including Siamese fried Bee-hon (rice noodles), kebabs, spring rolls, Milo and lime juice, were great treats for parents and children after the many activities.

With laughters and cheers, and to the children’s great reluctance, the cultural experience activities of the day ended in great success, leaving fond memories for all participants.

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