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Up close and personal with nature and wildlife –Spring outing a great success in Nantong Stalford International School


As Spring arrives on Earth, all things flourish. On April 30th , teachers and students of Nantong Stalford International School left the campus for nature and had an intimate and unforgettable encounter with animals in the great weather of Spring.

The Spring Excursion was arranged at the Nantong Forest Safari Park, which features large-scale roaming wildlife. The park also integrates the protection of animals and plants, tourism, and science education and research. As one of the largest wildlife parks in the Yangtze River Delta, the park allows visitors to tour by driving, walking or boat.

At 9:00 a.m., the students excitedly set off on the school bus filled with the wonders and joy of Spring.

The first item on the itinerary was to take a train ride through the drive-by area. Animals like the lovely llamas, lazy brown bears and fearsome lions could be seen lazing around in the warm spring breeze. Some even crossed path with the train. When students saw animals which they usually only see on TV appeared in real life, they cheered excitedly.

After the train ride, the students entered the pedestrian area to watch the animals in their class groups. At lunchtime. Students all sat down together in circles, shared their lunch, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The most exciting event was the International Circus Performance in the afternoon – thrilling flying trapeze, exciting large-scale magic show, wonderful horsemanship, and performance by monkeys, bears and other animals, all of which were met with loud applause, laughter and cheering constantly.

At 3:30pm, students reluctantly said goodbye to the fun and lovely animals.  Drunk in the beauty of spring and  wandering in the kingdom of animals, everyone agreed to come together again the next spring!

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