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Language philosophy

Nantong Stalford International School strives to develop students to be able to understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication. Language development is central to all learning, and we recognise that all teachers are, in practice, language teachers with the responsibility to facilitate communication.

Language development is a lifelong process and a key factor in intellectual development. Individuals develop their personal identity and international understanding through the study of languages.

Nantong Stalford International School aims to deliver a language programme that embraces the highest standard in teaching. We value language learning as a dynamic, evolving process which allows students to become proficient, effective communicators.

Nantong Stalford International School believes that language is learned through a variety of pedagogical methods. All skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing are incorporated at different stages of language development.

Language of instruction:

  • PYP programme Language of Instruction is English
  • Because a lot of NTSIS students use English as a second language, we ensure that language support is in place.
  • ESL/ GAC support:
    • New students, no English (Join homeroom, each week extra support from ESL class)
    • New student, some English (Join homeroom, each week extra support from ESL class)
    • Appoint an ESL officer to set up a support program for all students

Language of host country

Language (Chinese) is offered to all students because we believe that acquisition of the local language can help our students gain contextual knowledge of our host country and possible cultural exchange.

Mother tongue support

  • Resources (books, videos, mac room, websites, software, Khan academy and Coursera)
  • Parents (clubs, sharing, book reading and home study)

Language Profile

Our school regularly updates its record of students who speak foreign languages at home. All homeroom teachers receive updates when changes are made. The Language profile guides the planning of International activities and events.

Homework Policy

  • In conjunction with Chinese Law, written homework shall not be assigned to students from pre-school to grade two.
  • From grade three to grade six, written homework for all subjects shall be limited to one hour, in total.

Language Policy Committee Members

  • Hiltermann, Karla (Chair)
  • Greensill, Brett
  • Loke, Serena
  • Ji Xiaojuan, Jessica

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