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School working with parents in warm summer breeze —-One-to-one parents’ meeting successfully organized in NTSIS


Weather became hotter in May as the elusive Sun finally made an appearance at Nantong. The one-to-one parents’ meeting arrived in NTSIS with this beautiful season.

For the past four years since its establishment, the school has always been committed to developing students’ individual potential and helping them understand their social responsibilities in a loving and safe environment. To achieve this, the school arranged for one-to-one parents’ meeting, which is well received by parents. The small group face-to-face “private chat” with parents enables them to discuss aboutstrategies for the development of individual students without violating their privacy.

At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of May 11, parents arrived at the school one after another at the scheduled time. They quickly visited different classrooms to meet withlocal and foreign teachers in person.

Conversations between the parents and teachers were made jovial by the neatly cleaned and well decorated classrooms. Discussions were revolved around students’ moral character, academic results, classroom behavior, co-curriculum activities and the development of various skills; achievements were acknowledged, improvements were noted, and weakness analyzed. Parents also shared with teachers the performances of children at home, so that teachers may have a more comprehensive understanding of their students.

The in-depth sharing allowed parents to see teachers’ care and concern forto their children, which delighted the parents like the summer breeze. Teachers also had the opportunity to further understand and verify changes in the student’s physiology and psychology as they progresses through the various developmental stages. The school and parents worked together to explore suitable paths of education, and paved the way for children to reach for their aspiration.

Parents were deeply moved by teachers’ hard work in receiving them, and expressed their gratitude in the school’s considerate service and the efforts of the teachers. Despite their weariness, teachers felt rewarded by the heartfelt praises of the parents and the satisfactory results of the parent-teacher’s meeting,

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