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12 / 12

Christmas Carol Assembly

We had such a blast caroling at the Friday assembly! The Christmas spirit was high!

05 / 12

NTSIS PYP Spelling Bee Competition

The PYP Department are always Purposely Yearning for Power! We hosted a Spelling Bee competition in which contestants were asked to spell a broad selection of words, with a varying degree of difficulty. Contestants had to memorize the spellings of words as written in dictionaries, written or online, and recite them accordingly. Students studied the […]

15 / 11

Art in the preschool

I have been an art teacher for many years but teaching a bunch of preschoolers had been both exciting and daunting at the same time. In the beginning, I asked myself, “What art forms do the little ones make?”, “How do I teach art history to them?”, “How can I get them to appreciate artworks?”. […]

21 / 10

Grade 3/4: Journeying through Body Systems

Central idea: The effective interactions between human body system contribute to health and survival. Lines of inquiry: Body systems and how they work Body systems are connected and assist the body to function Impact of lifestyle choices on the body Our journey We looked into Body Systems and how it is interconnected. Keeping a healthy […]

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