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20 / 06

Grade 5/6 Exhibition 2020

As the students in Grade 5/6 begin preparing for their Exhibition, I am recalling all of the hard work they accomplished over the past year. From portraits inspired by Marcel Dzama to silhouette compositions, African masks, cardboard pop-ups, and all of their online projects, Grade 5/6 has proven to be creative and inventive and productive […]

18 / 05

Preparing for the ART SHOW!

This past month, all of our students have been preparing for our annual ART SHOW! For the June 1st opening of this year’s Arts Festival, the upstairs art gallery will feature student works created about and inspired by the artworks of Henri Rousseau. Henri Rousseau is a French post-impressionist painter whose work exerted an extensive […]

30 / 04

Rope jumping for our kindergarteners

Is jump rope challenging for kindergarteners? It may be. It may take a lot of practice and focus to acquire and refine jump rope skills but we know that young children enjoy the challenge of trying to jump and land over a rope. Therefore, during the learning process, it’s appropriate to allow Kindergarteners explore the beginning […]

28 / 04

Earth Day in Chinese class

It was Earth Week as well as the 5th Reading Festival Week. In celebration of Earth Day, we did not just read books on that special day, and not being nice to our earth for just one day or one week. They should be long-term practices. Our PYP students know this very well. The students […]

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