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About Culture in Grade 5/6


Central Idea: People’s cultural background influences their beliefs, values and actions.

Lines of inquiry:

  1. What constitutes culture?
  2. How people use different experiences to inform their perspectives
  3. The connections between beliefs and values, and the actions

In Unit 1, we are looking at the role that cultural traditions and practices play in our lives so that we can accept and include the differences and commonalities amongst the different cultures in our class. Culture is a shared set of practices and traditions that characterize a society or group of people. Culture can include clothing, food, traditions, ceremonies, spiritual practices and beliefs, language, family structure and communication styles. It is often correlated with ethnicity and racial identity and plays a large role in individual identities. By helping young people to recognize cultural influences all around them, it helps them understand themselves and others.

We learnt the definition of culture and discuss about classoom or school culture. We also looked at our family or country culture where we came from through videos and discussions. We learnt about the similarities and differences of the various different cultures among our classmates. Then we studied the different versions of cultural stories of Cinderella in the different parts of the world like Europe, China and Africa and work them out on a Venn diagram.

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