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Learning English together on English Day ——Dispatch from NTSIS “English Day”


In order to create a good English speaking environment and cultivate students’ bilingual skills, our school has designated every Thursday as the “English Day”. On this day, students are required to communicate in English and classes also organize a variety of English development activities to foster a conducive atmosphere for using English. The school regularly organizes oral English or recitation competitions to promote English development.This has become an inspiring sight in the school!

We have chosen some wonderful moments to share with you:

Y1, Singing in English. Students sing aloud accompanied by beautiful rhythm. Students get to learn English during the enjoyable singing activities which enhance their interests in the language.

Y2, Storytelling on stage by the students allow them to experience the joy sharing tales and build their confidence in speaking English.

Y3, Translating Chinese poems into English and reciting them in both languages allow students to appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese poetry, and listen to the fluid English recital. A wonderful experience indeed.

Y4 \ Y5 \ Y6 English Recitation Competition is in full swing, which not only trains students’ courage, but also improves their English proficiency.

In the middle school, mime games are played in Y7’s English morning meetings, which helps students apply English knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Y8’s Sentimental moments during the recitation of English poem When You Are Old

Y9 English Recitation Competition has been held a couple of times. Every student has a chance to display their ability, which greatly raises their interest and proficiency in English learning.

In high school, the weekly appreciation of good English articles was carried out as planned. It has become an event that students look forward to.

The “English Day” has become a part of our school culture. It is also a unique feature of our school, which is attracting more recognition from our students and their parents.

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