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School Open Day


In the early summer of May, the campus of Nantong Stalford International School is green and full of vitality and hope. On May 17, welcomed by students volunteers, parents from the Bilingual Department entered the beautiful and tidy campus and walked into the various classrooms to experience first-hand the education their children are receiving in school.

During classroom teaching, guided by modern pedagogy, International and local teachers delivered lessons which are student-centered, interactive, experiential and inquiry-based. The well crafted learning environment allowed students to broaden their horizon, cultivate their lateral thinking skills and creativity. Parents were deeply impressed.

During the theme class meetings, homeroom teachers carefully designed the activities appropriate to the grade level. Students were allowed to lead the activities and demonstrate their capabilities. Parents were allowed to witness their children growing steadily in good health and spirit.

Time and tide wait for no man. Nantong Stalford International School has been running for more than four years. Every time of this year, we organize campus open day to foster close ties between home and school. Each time, the event has been carefully organized. When parents walked into the campus again this year, they were rewarded with refreshing greenery, symbolizing the steady growth of their children, just like trees in the Summer.

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