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My friend Jason Brown has been organizing and hosting mail art gallery events in Nashville, Tennessee for the past 10 years. Mail art, a movement that dates back to the 1950s and 60s, often involves collage, rubber stamps and a tradition of challenging the postal system by mailing irregularly shaped objects or ones with addresses […]

宝贝们,休息了长长的寒假之后,终于迎来了开学。周一看着宝贝们兴高采烈地戴着小口罩上学,老师们真开心。虽然经过了两个多月的战斗,我们国家的疫情得到了控制,但是国外的疫情还处于爆发期、高峰期。我们还是要时刻保持警惕,戴好口罩保护好自己,毕竟宝贝们的健康是第一位的。所以开学第一课,我们就开始讲解戴口罩的重要性以及如何动动自己的小手设计一款属于自己的口罩活动。宝贝们,可积极了呢。 准备材料:尺子、勾线笔、彩笔、剪刀和绳子 制作方法: 将A4大小的纸对折,找到对折线的一侧。 用尺子在纸上画一个等腰梯形。 打开后,用剪刀将其剪下。 用勾线笔在口罩上绘制你喜欢的图案。 用彩色笔图上你喜欢的颜色。 用打孔机在口罩两侧各打两个孔。 将线固定在两边,就完成了。 下面我们就来看看我们思德福幼儿园的宝贝们的精美口罩吧!

If a picture says a thousand words, a video tells much more. The nursery preschoolers are definitely not taking a backseat in their learning!

The last five weeks of online learning had been a mixture of challenges, stress, joys and satisfaction for K1 students, parents and teachers. I am grateful that most of my parents were very supportive and cooperative in helping their children to complete and submit their assignments promptly.  In the process of guiding their children, the […]

Processes in remote learning by Ms Dorota, Homeroom teacher of Grade 3/4 It seems apt for Ms Dorota to introduce the central idea, Processes help us understand the world. Unperturbed by the virus, Ms Dorota shows us not just how processes helped her students inquire into the various lines of inquiry and also guide their […]

For the past weeks, I have been teaching PYP art classes online to our students in nursery through Grade 5/6 classes. In order to keep the number of texts down for the parents, I have chosen to create PowerPoints for each of my classes. Each PowerPoint includes one slide of instructions and vocabulary, multiple slides of […]

These days, technology is integral in life as well as education. In school, students access information using tablets and computers in lab and library. This is usually guided by the teachers. The use of technology becomes inevitable, especially during this period of adversity. On the bright side, remote learning has unwittingly provided the opportunity for […]

Despite unable to be teaching on site, here, Ms Karla from Lions Kindergarten 2 shows us the importance of collaboration between parents and teachers and how learning continues to take place no matter we are! Our K2 class has many eager learners! They took the challenges of remote learning seriously and worked hard every day […]

Learning together with Mr Brett, Grade 2 Homeroom teacher On the 10th of February 2020, online and home learning started for the PYP G2 class. Students scattered in different parts of China and other countries; Japan, Thailand, Harbin and Nantong. It has been a trying time for all and the parents and students need to be […]

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