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A teacher’s positive take on remote learning


Processes in remote learning by Ms Dorota, Homeroom teacher of Grade 3/4

It seems apt for Ms Dorota to introduce the central idea, Processes help us understand the world. Unperturbed by the virus, Ms Dorota shows us not just how processes helped her students inquire into the various lines of inquiry and also guide their own learning.

Although the remote teaching and learning process that we have been experiencing for the past few weeks had been challenging it also provides us with the unique experience and enjoyment of learning differently.

The central idea of this unit is Processes help us understand the world. Currently, we are inquiring into understanding and comparing technological advances, how technology has changed our lives and past and modern inventions and inventors that will help us solve problems using processes. The students had designed apps and wearable technology gadgets. They also explored about the British royal family.

Designers and inventors in order of importance

Famous designers and inventors

With newly acquired knowledge, they  used the engineering design process to solve real world problems. At this moment, they are working on their own project which is a design of a shelter for their leisure time.

A poster describing the engineering design process

Despite not having direct interactions, the process of teaching and learning continues to take place and students are taking the huge responsibility for their own learning. This creates a great opportunity for young learners to develop their creativity and thinking and analysing skills. I am glad that the virus did not take away our joy of learning.

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