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PYP Preschool Newsletter Week 1


Welcome to the Academic Year of 2019-2020 at the Nantong Stalford International School! We have an exciting year of activities and events in store. To start the year, teachers had been busy planning and preparing the units of inquiry to provide the best learning experiences. We look forward to another year of fruitful teaching and learning!


The first transdisciplinary theme that we will be embarking on is “Who we are”. In the preschool, units gear toward the inquiry into the nature of self. Units will launch on 26th August 2019. It will be 8 weeks of guided inquiries with fun activities and learning.




Homeroom teacher: Ms. Goh Seok Hwa

Teaching assistant: Ms. Jane

Caregiver: Ms. Zhao Dan


Central idea:

Getting to know about myself


Lines of inquiry:

1.Our body functions

  1. Our abilities
  2. Likes and dislikes


In this unit, we will be discussing about what we can do with our bodies.


This week:

The first week is about getting to know one another. Activities will include playing together with new friends, story time with the teacher and setting of essential agreement so that the students will understand about the classroom and school rules.


Kindergarten 1

Homeroom teacher: Ms. Ellen Huang

Teaching assistant: Ms. Beira

Caregiver: Mdm. Hu


Central idea:

Senses help us experience the world


Lines of inquiry:

  1. The senses
  2. Functions of senses
  3. Experiencing with senses


In this unit, we will be exploring the 5 senses and experiencing the world around us.


This week:

While we will get to know each other, we will be setting up routines. Activities conducted will observe and assess each child’s developmental skills.



Kindergarten 2

Homeroom teacher: Ms. Karla Hiltermann

Teaching Assistant Mrs. Penny

Caregiver Mrs. Lisa


Central idea:

Everyone is different


Lines of inquiry:

  1. Physical characteristics
  2. Personal characteristics
  3. Learning through experiences


In this unit, students will use vocabulary for body parts and comparative adjectives to describe their own physical qualities in relation to others.


This week:

Students will begin their new year together by getting to know themselves and each other better. Their first week will focus on common greetings, K1 vocabulary review, compose their class rules or “agreements” and exploring their new environment.


The Arts team

This week in Art:

Ms. Lindsey “Students will be engaging in a variety of artmaking experiences throughout the coming school year. The students will learn about themed art and different materials that artists use, they will work through various techniques, learn to mix colours, and practice drawing. They will learn how different emotions, environments and cultures can affect the outcomes of artwork. Students will be creating both sculptural and 2D artworks. We will play animation and digital artmaking. Looking forward to seeing all of our creative artmakers in the classroom soon.”


This week in Music:


Ms. Feifei “In the first week, we will introduce the music classroom rules, and talking about how to cooperate with teacher and classmates; knowing each other through musical activities; announcing the term missions; making teacher and students profile cards in music class; composing class greetings.

In Unit 1,

Nursery – K2

We will inquire the connection between music and ME through learning songs and movements, playing music games and watching related videos.”

This week in Dance:

Ms. Sherry “For Nursery, we will become more familiar with our body and learn how to enhance our movements. In the first week, we will introduce ourselves to each other to get familiar. Teacher will explain the dance class routine and standardize children’s sitting and standing posture in the first unit.


For K1, in the first unit, we will focus on combining movements with instructions. In the first week, we will get familiar with the dance class routine and follow music to do some dance games to enhance children’s sense of rhythm.


In the first unit, K2 students will explore the potential of our body and show it through dance. In the first week, we will know the dance class routine and do some basic dance training.”


This week in Chinese:

Ms. Jessica “Students in Nursery will explore A new world—-My school. Students in K1 will learn from the theme, My new friends. K2 students will recount ‘My interesting moment during the holiday’.”



This week in Physical Education:

Mr. Nilton “In Unit 1, our early childhood students will be provided a range of rich contexts for children to explore, inquire, develop and refine their locomotor movement skills. These movement skills will be reinforced through teacher led activities, child led activities and learning through play, including outdoor play. In week 1, we will establish the procedures as classroom expectations.”

Orientation on 16th August 2019


Upcoming event:

  • Coffee time with Parents (21stAugust 2019 @3:30pm)

Come and see our three new murals in the second floor near the PYP classrooms! The students and teachers worked on these mural together!

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