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PYP Primary Newsletter Week 1


Welcome to the Academic Year of 2019-2020 at the Nantong Stalford International School! We have an exciting year of activities and events in store. To start the year, teachers had been busy planning and preparing the units of inquiry to provide the best learning experiences. We look forward to another year of fruitful teaching and learning!


The first transdisciplinary theme that we will be embarking on is “Who we are”. The units gear toward the inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.. Units will launch on 26th August 2019. It will be 6 weeks of guided inquiries with fun activities and learning.


Grade 1

Homeroom teacher: Ms. Caryle Filog-Vamavakaris


Central idea:

Relationships contribute to our well-being and needs to be nurtured


Lines of inquiry:

1.Relationships in our lives

  1. Friendship roles and values
  2. Thoughts, words and actions affect relationship


For the 1st unit, G1 will be inquiring about the importance of relationships. They will explore different types of relationships, roles and values of friendship, and how thoughts, words, and actions affect our relationships with other people. We encourage parent and community involvement in our learnings and explorations so please feel free to contact us if you would like to help or contribute anything related to our unit of inquiry.


This week:

The first week of school is an opportunity for the students and teachers to get to know each other better and form a rapport. They will settle into their daily routine as a grade 1 student and practice being independent and responsible members of the school. This is also a time for the students to discuss their essential agreements or expectations as a class.


Grade 2

Homeroom teacher: Mr. Brett Greensill

Central idea:

Culture shapes who we are


Lines of inquiry:

  1. Diversity of cultures around the world
  2. The ways in which families are connected
  3. Artefacts that symbolise a culture


This week:

Monday – Select seating and locker areas

Getting to know each other better

Review of summer holidays

Hero photo

Tuesday –  Sign and agree to Central Agreements of the class

Hero photo in action

Wednesday – Reading

Creating a comic strip

Thursday – Short story writing and speaking on super heroes

Friday – Pre-assessment for unit of inquiry


Grade 3/4

Homeroom teacher: Ms. Dorota Sim


Central idea:

Thinking and learning can help us develop our potential


Lines of inquiry:

  1. Understanding the brain
  2. Tools and strategies that can help us learn effectively
  3. We as learners


In the first unit, students will learn how thinking and learning help them develop their potential. They will be learning about the human brain, tools and strategies that can

help them learn effectively and what is their role as learners.


This week:

During the first week of school, students will create essential agreements, complete the first day of school questionnaire, decorate the classroom doors with Minecraft theme. Pre-assessments will be conducted to elicit their prior knowledge.


Grade 5/6

Homeroom teacher: Mr. Tan Wen Yann


Central idea:

Interactions can lead to and solve conflict.


Lines of inquiry:

  1. Role of communication plays in conflict
  2. Resolving conflict between team members and through communication
  3. Conflict can affect team performance


For Grade 5/6, the new unit that we are going to do is that interactions can lead to and solve conflict. Conflict is a basic fact of life. As children,teens and adults we all experience conflict in our lives. Because conflicts are disagreements resulting from people or groups having differences in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs, conflict is inevitable. People experience differences in any type of relationship. That conflict exists is not a bad situation, as long as the conflict is managed effectively by resolving them in a calm, respectful way that will lead to growth and maturity.


This week:

For week 1, it will be getting to know each other and orientate the new students who have just joined us. Besides the housekeeping and getting the new uniforms, briefings and discussions will be carried out to enable students to know the expectations of the school and teachers to enable them to settle down as soon as possible. Once settled down, lessons will start off at the students’ pace.



The Arts team


This week in Art:

Ms. Lindsey “Students will be engaging in a variety of artmaking experiences throughout the coming school year. The students will learn about themed art and different materials that artists use, they will work through various techniques, learn to mix colours, and practice drawing. They will learn how different emotions, environments and cultures can affect the outcomes of artwork. Students will be creating both sculptural and 2D artworks. We will play animation and digital artmaking. Looking forward to seeing all of our creative artmakers in the classroom soon.”


This week in Music:


Ms. Feifei “In the first week, we will introduce the music classroom rules, and talking about how to cooperate with teacher and classmates; knowing each other through musical activities; announcing the term missions; making teacher and students profile cards in music class; composing class greetings.



We will inquire the connection between music and ME through learning correlative songs, creating music rap, playing music games.



Through creating music rap, playing music games and making group PPT, students will inquire the connection between music and ME.”

This week in Dance:

Ms Sherry “In the first unit for G3/4, we will focus on how to transform life experience into dance movements. In the first week, we will know the dance class routine and do some dance games to improve the ability of body language expression.

As for G5/6, we will explore how to convey information to audience through dance. In the first week, we will get familiar with the dance class routine and do some basic dance activities to let students show themselves.”


This week in Physical Education:

Mr. Nilton “In PE week 1, we will establish the procedures as classroom expectations. In unit 1, our early elementary students will participate in a variety of activities that develop fundamental movement skills and manipulative skills. These skills will be reinforced through teacher led activities, child led activities and learning through play, including outdoor play.

In the upper elementary years, students will be inquiring into rights and responsibilities while participating in physical activities. They will engage in activities that demand cooperation, trust, and communication.”

Orientation on 16th August 2019

Upcoming event:

  • Coffee time with Parents (21stAugust 2019 @3:30pm)

Come and see our three new murals in the second floor near the PYP classrooms! The students and teachers worked on these mural together!

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