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Embracing New Semester with Hearts Close Together —- Opening Ceremony of the Autumn Semester 2019 of Nantong Stalford International School


On the morning of August 21 when the early autumn wind was gentle and refreshing, the opening ceremony of the autumn semester 2019 of Nantong Stalford International School was successfully held in the school theatre. All teachers and students attended the ceremony with neat and confident appearance and passionate spirit.

At the ceremony, a special film entitled “We grow under the summer sun” was presented. It was a review of the students’ experiences of studying and practicing oral English in Singapore and Australia. The video also showcased the students’ achievements in competitions, such as the National Robotic Competition, as well as their joy in attaining certifications with their efforts in calligraphy, various musical instruments and dance. Students reflected that although the summer vacation was over, the knowledge and good experiences they had learned and acquired will accompany their growth and become powerful motivating forces in their hearts.

Next, a very heartwarming ceremony was held to welcome the new students, the seniors presented “good-will cards” to the new-comers, and representatives of the senior students welcomed the new students in fluent English. Through their representatives, the new students expressed their excitement and joy of joining the warm family of Stalford. They look forward to learning and growing together with their brothers and sisters to become civilized matured adults in the future.

With the rapid development of the school, the new semester has also ushered in many new teachers. Speaking at the ceremony, Brett, a veteran teacher, said that a good teacher must be a person who can inspire hope, ignite passion, guide the students to reach for the stars and change the world. Zhao Can, a new teacher, said that teaching is not a job but a profession with love and responsibility. He will do his best. Teacher Chen Jie shared that she was inspired by her fellow colleagues and will take up this challenge and teach the students with all her heart. She managed to gain the rapport and cheered “I can do it!” with all the students.

Finally, Principal Wu Heping made a speech full of warmth, care and encouragement. She said that the opening ceremony had a very apt theme: Welcome the New Beginning with Your Heart and Soul. Principle Wu expressed her care for her students by guiding them in the new semester with four keywords: love, enthusiasm, perseverance and confidence.

Firstly, love.  Students should love their motherland, their school, their classmates, their parents and love for everything that is good.

Secondly, enthusiasm. Students should be enthusiastic to participate in all activities in school, to serve their class and helping others in need.

Thirdly, perseverance. Students should have perseverance on their roads of learning and never give up. Last but not the least, confidence. Students should be confident of themselves and believed in their own abilities to improve every day in order to become the best versions of themselves.

Principal Wu’s speech touched the hearts of all students. They pledged that they will bear in mind what Principal Wu had said and with their heart and soul, strive their best to write a good chapter in the new semester!

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