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“Let the world cheer for me” Nantong Stalford International School art festival activities


Nantong Stalford International School is a Cambridge International School and Examination Center certified by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Board. Since itsestablishment four years ago, the school has always attached great importance to art education. Through holding vibrant art activities, the school guides students to appreciate, express and create beauty, cultivates and improves students’ aesthetic taste and artistic aptitude, creating a pleasant, healthy and inspiring school culture. The annual Art Festival with an international character has become a grand occasion for students to display their artistic talent.

The campus in early summer is full of joy and life. Lush greenery and blooming flowers adorned the campus, and a strong sense of art can be felt in the air. The theme of this year’s Art Festival is “Let the world cheer for me”. Students from China, the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and other countries have created different works of art from their unique perspectives and using their preferred methods. The different styles of works, some vivid and colorful, some simple and elegant, depict the multitude of perspectives in our students’ appreciation of the world and art. The centerpiece is a pair of angel wings, which is a favorite photo taking spots of many students and visitors. In the photo, they became angels of peace and beauty, soaring above the vast blue sky. Selected works from the gallery were also invited to exhibit at public malls like Aeon Mall and Wenfeng, gaining approval from all viewers.

On the eve of June 1st, a grand performance as held in our school. On the scintillating stage, students celebrated the diversity of the world with songs and dance. It was a place where cultures mingled and a time when dreams converged. Chinese students danced to exotic and cheerful foreign tunes, while international students performed Peking Opera “Ode to the Pear Blossom”, a symbol of Chinese culture. In more than an hour with nearly 20 performances, Stalford students showed the world the meaning of exuberance and the glamour of art. Parents from different nationalities watched the performance with great interest and were deligthed by their children’s performance on the stage. Nantong Radio and TV Station also streamed the show live through their platform.


The beautiful Art Festival witnessed the growth of students and the development of our school. As an international school, Nantong Stalford will continue to cultivate students’ artistic aptitude through the Art Festival. Students will continue to be exposed to different cutlures and art from all over the world, while their tender hearts will be nourished by the fruits of great civilization in the world.

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