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Who we are in Grade 1


Students in the PYP explore subject knowledge areas based on 6 transdisciplinary themes.

For our first unit of inquiry this school year, we started with the theme, WHO WE ARE.

For the past two weeks, PYP G1 have been busy inquiring about the nature of self by exploring the central idea that knowing our characteristics, abilities, and interests help us learn and develop ourselves.
Last week, the students focused on their first line of inquiry – physical, social and emotional characteristics. First, they tuned in by listening to a read-aloud book called “What I Like About Me” written by Allia Zobel-Nolan. Next, they made their self-portraits by looking at the mirrors at the dance studio and drawing their profiles. Each student was given an A4 sheet of paper for their pencil sketch. Afterwards, they went back to their classroom to finalize their drawings and color them in. It was interesting to note how each individual student perceived themselves. Finally, they concluded the activity by presenting and sharing their work to the whole class.

Overall, the students had a chance to really explore their physical characteristics through their self-portraits and describe their social and emotional traits with positive self affirmations.

Here are photos of their final works and oral presentations.

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