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NTSIS PYP Primary Newsletter Week 12


NTSIS PYP Primary Newsletter (4th November – 8th November 2019)

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time

We are going places in the PYP classrooms. Let’s see what have the children been exploring.

What a busy week…

Grade 1:

Central idea:

A city is a place where people work and live

Line of inquiry 1: Things that make a city

Line of inquiry 2: Differences and similarities of cities

Line of inquiry 3: Thoughts, words and actions affect relationship

We continued to compare different cities by exploring different aspects like population, landmarks, subway stations, and restaurants. We compared London with Paris and New York City with Milan. This week, we will cover our last line of inquiry on how people influence the development of their cities. In Language Arts, we learned about adjectives and how they help us make sentences more colorful. We also had more practice with our silent e words. As for Math, we looked at 2-digit subtraction. We will explore 2- digit addition with regrouping and subsequently move on to 2-digit subtraction with regrouping this week.

G1 also attended the Fire Safety Awareness program last Tuesday along with the rest of the school. We listened to a talk and witnessed the fire equipment demonstration from firefighters who visited the school.

What a busy week!

Grade 2:

Central idea:

Connections between people are necessary for personal growth

Line of inquiry 1: How travel has changed the way we connect

Line of inquiry 2: Social connections

Line of inquiry 3: Opportunities to connect

We started on Line of Inquiry 2: Social connections. In Math, we looked at and practiced fractions, In English/UOI, we looked at various kinds of invitations to understand social connections. As a group, we discussed different types of social connections.

What a busy week!

Grade 3/4:

Central idea:

A sense of interconnectedness and cultural awareness develops through analysing other cultures

Line of inquiry 1: Choices are influenced by geographical location

Line of inquiry 2: Difference between home culture and other cultures

Line of inquiry 3: Ways to be international-minded

What a busy week!

Grade 5/6:

Central idea:

We are who we are because of immigration.

Line of inquiry 1: Migration changes cities

Line of inquiry 2: People of different cultures assimilate

Line of inquiry 3: Migration affects social and environmental conditions

Students presented the photos and pictures that are associated to globalization, migration, trade, capital and movement using PowerPoint. We looked and talked about the pictures of five people who have moved to another city. We also listened to these five people who shared about their experiences. We discussed their reasons for migration and read short texts about migration. Then we played charade and Hangman style games on some vocabulary words used in the texts. In Math, we tackled fraction word problems and proceeded to learn about the area of triangle by identifying its height given its base. We also learned that the area of a triangle is given by half the product of a base and the

corresponding height. We also learned that to make our writing more interesting, we can use other saying verbs instead of ‘said’. We moved on to read another text as Gulliver tells of his life in Lilliput. We did a review and practice on reproduction in plants and humans, water and changes of state and water cycle. Then we studied about the plant transport system and prepared an experiment to show how water is transported in a celery stalk.

This week, we feature specialist subject: Art

Over the past several weeks in PYP, students have created all sorts of projects inspired by Chinese paintings, Halloween, our Learner Profile, and the transdisciplinary theme that they are currently working. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on seasonal projects associated with various holidays that take place throughout the November, December, and January months. As a reminder to parents, artwork should be coming home with your children. If it’s not, you will see it hanging around our school on display. Please have a look!

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