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NTSIS PYP Primary Newsletter Week 9

NTSIS PYP Primary Newsletter (14th October– 18th October 2019)
Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time
A big thank you to parents for taking the time to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference on Friday. We hope that you have a better understanding of your child’s progresses. Let us work together to support your child’s learning. So, we have started Unit 2: Where we are in place and time, where we will inquire into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives. We have been busy with re-assessments.
What a busy week…
Grade 1:
Central idea:
A city is a place where people work and live
Line of inquiry 1: Things that make a city
Line of inquiry 2:Differences and similarities of cities
Line of inquiry 3:People influence the development of their cities
We have just started a new unit. For the next 6 weeks, we will be inquiring about cities and exploring the idea that a city is a place where people live and work. We tuned in to our new unit by talking about the  things we can see, hear, and smell in a city and illustrated them in a graphic organizer. In our language learnings, we looked at common nouns and proper nouns and completed our short vowel sound set. Meanwhile in Math, we strengthened our understanding of place values through various games and activities.
What a busy week!
Grade 2:
Central idea:
Connections between people are necessary for personal growth
Line of inquiry 1:How travel has changed the way we connect
Line of inquiry 2:Social connections
Line of inquiry 3:Opportunities to connect
What a busy week!
Grade 3/4:
Central idea:
A sense of interconnectedness and cultural awareness develops through analysing other cultures
Line of inquiry 1: Choices are influenced by geographical location
Line of inquiry 2: Difference between home culture and other cultures
Line of inquiry 3:Ways to be international-minded
The students had their oral presentation about the human brain model they created. We inquired about two students with diverse learning styles and abilities by comparing their learning habits, family life, likes and dislikes. Additionally, students in groups were asked to build a tower within a certain time limit and then they reflected on their performance and how 
learning together helps us learn better and faster. In Math lessons we continued calculating mean, mode, median and range. We also identified the probability of a chance experiment. In language inquiry, students discovered about different parts of speech. 
What a busy week!
Grade 5/6:
Central idea:
We are who we are because of immigration.
Line of inquiry 1: Migration changes cities
Line of inquiry 2: People of different cultures assimilate
Line of inquiry 3:Migration affects social and environmental conditions
A few students did share on some of the animals that work together as a team. We studied and looked closely at the various reasons why people migrate to other
places or countries which include the push and pull factors. We also looked at key words such as globalization, trade, capital and movement as an introduction to the topic migration 
by playing a Hangman style game. We did reviews on fractions and word problems to check on our understanding. We also learned how to divide a fraction by a whole number. We 
have looked and studied the amazing adventures of Gulliver in Chapter 1 – A Voyage to Lilliput. We did a study on the two processes of evaporation and condensation that enable the water cycle to repeat itself in nature.
This week, we feature specialist subject: Dance
G1 and G2
For the past weeks we finished <sunny day> dance and a simple African dance. Students willingly participated with a positive attitude and performed the dance sequences and steps with few errors. Now we are ready to prepare for the winter performance. G1 and G2 students will work with kindergarten kids together. G1 has an opportunity to choreograph a dance, G2 tries to show difficult movements in the simple melody.

In G3-G6 classes we completed many projects,we learned Mongolia dance, African dance, Mid-autumn dance, Hip-hop dance. Students tired their best to understand and follow all dance steps and directions given. In the following weeks, we will be committed to the preparation of the stage performance. 

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