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A Contribution to Autumn Beauty

October 12th being a sunny day in this pleasant season of autumn, the beautiful nature opens its arms to greet the children from Nantong Stalford International School who are on an autumn outing.

Under the blue sky, the water of Zilang Lake is particularly clear, rippling under the autumn wind; White egrets can be seen flying across the lake with their gorgeous images; The colorful flowers blooming in patches by the lakeside are dazzling in the autumn sun. The chrysanthemum exhibition being held here is a feast for the eyes, with chrysanthemums of various shapes and colors competing to show people their charming demeanor, and teachers and students are posing together for pictures. The park was filled with laughing of joy and happiness.

In Nantong Forest Park, which is surrounded by hills and rivers, famous flowers and scarce plants, pavilions and bridges are scattered everywhere. The children enjoyed themselves so much wandering among them, some of them sitting on the lawn to enjoy delicious food, some swinging in the woods, some driving karts in children’s playgrounds, some just playing games among themselves, and some learning to recognize novel plants under the guidance of teachers.

This autumn outing is not only intended to promote students’ physical and mental health, but also to cultivate students’ aesthetic taste, in particular to cultivate students’ love for nature and sense of protecting nature. Therefore, each student carries a garbage bag with them and all the waste is cleaned up and properly sent to the garbage bin. Thus, they have added more beauty to autumn with their environmental protection actions.

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