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Celebrate the National Day with Joy, Honor the Motherland with songs –The Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China Held by Nantong Stalford International School


In this pleasant season of autumn with brisk air and osmanthus aroma, all the teachers and students of Nantong Stalford International School held a grand ceremony in the afternoon of September 30th to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The celebration began with the solemn ceremony of raising the national flag and singing the national anthem. Vice Principle Han Mingfei delivered an enthusiastic speech in which he spoke highly of the   miraculous achievements of the great motherland in the past 70 years, praised the patriotism spirit of the teachers and students, and hoped that students would turn patriotism into the motive force so as to study diligently,  cultivate personality,  build up a healthy body, and contribute to the prosperity of the motherland in the future.

Next, a performance was given by the teachers and students with programs of their own creation. “Praise our Great China”, a program using personification, was performed by 34 students dressed up as 34 provincial administrative regions of the country, each spoke in compliments of their own beautiful mountains and rivers, cultural heritages, economic achievements and local customs and habits. The program ended by all the participants singing hand in hand the song “Our Great China”.
Poem recitation ” What does motherland really mean?” performed by Y7 and Y8 expressed the students’ deep love and feeling of attachment to the motherland.
Teachers and students of Bilingual and International departments jointly created and performed ” I accompany Grandpa to see the motherland,” which not only witnessed the remarkable achievements and fundamental changes of the great motherland, but also expressed the deep love of overseas Chinese for the motherland and their pride as Chinese.
The motherland is the sea and we are the surging sprays; The motherland is the blue sky and we are the flying clouds, we snuggle tightly in your arms, unwilling to be separated for a second. The performance was concluded by Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 students singing in chorus “My Motherland and Me”, and the whole audience stood up and joined them, waving the five-star red flags and singing loudly together, bringing the atmosphere to a climax. The Stalford Grand Theater was echoed with singing and the hearts of the teachers and students were filled with joy as well as blessings for the motherland.
In order to cultivate students’ patriotic spirit and national pride, Nantong Stalford International School launched in early September the Patriotic Education Month program,  for which everyone is required to tell a patriotic story,  learn a patriotic song, and create a painting or calligraphy work showcasing the achievements of the motherland as well as his or her hometown. Today’s celebration ceremony pushed the patriotic education activities to a climax.
Dear motherland, we pay tributes to you, obliged for giving us a happy life; we bless you for a more brilliant tomorrow and we will grow healthily in your warm arms. Today we are small trees but tomorrow we will thrive to be the pillars of the motherland!

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