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NTSIS PYP Preschool Newsletter Week 5


NTSIS PYP Preschool Newsletter (9th September– 13th September 2019)

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who we are

Despite being a shorter week, the PYP classrooms continued to be filled with exciting activities and fun learning. The classes launched into their lines of inquiry 2 and also explored the significance of the Mid-autumn festival. Hope everyone had a fantastic reunion during the festival break.

What a busy week…


Central idea:

Getting to know about myself

Line of inquiry 1: Our body functions

Line of inquiry 2: Our abilities

Children explored ways of looking through different coloured stained glass. They observed how the environment looked through these stained glass. They also tried wearing eye-mask and feeling objects to guess what are they holding in their hands.

We are going to…

A variety of activities has been planned to help enhance students become more aware of their senses and will have a better understanding about what their mouth and nose can do. They will learn about taking care their body, in ways such as brushing their teeth, combing their hair, washing their hands.

What a busy week…

Kindergarten 1:

Central idea:

Senses help us experience the world

Line of inquiry 1: The senses

Line of inquiry 2: Functions of senses

We inquired into sight. Our initial experiencing on ‘depth perception’ was changed to ‘visual researches’ to foster better experiences for the children.  We also played two memory games namely: ‘Match us, please!’ and ‘What is missing?’ using coloured chips.  For Language, we practised vowels ‘a’ e i o u, wrote our name and handwriting practice c, o, a and ‘g’.  For Math, we practised counting aloud 1 ~ 30, number writing 1 ~ 3 and worksheet 1 ~ 10.

We are going to…

This week, we will continue our inquiring into sight and experiencing how ‘visual perception’ helps children to make sense of what they see around them.

What a busy week…

Kindergarten 2:

Central idea:

Everyone is different

Line of inquiry 1: Physical characteristics

Line of inquiry 2: Personal characteristics

The week’s UOI focused on learning about the sense of taste to explore the question, what do I like to eat? We did taste testing: first with foods that represent the flavors; bitter, sour, salty sweet, and then with clear salty, sour and sweet water! It was definitely harder to tell the difference n the second experiment! We then had a discussion about mouth germs and tried to look at them under a microscope. Those who brought toothbrushes brushed their teeth and tongues with enthusiasm after the vivid video!

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by watching a factual song about the moon. We then went outside and made our own moons out of bread flour and water, rolled in sand and rocks to make it look like the moon when the sun doesn’t shine on it and “space rocks” pommel it because it has no sky.

In Math, we skip-counted by 2’s all the way to 100 and made our own colour graphs to chart the different eye colours in the classroom.

In the library, we began to read about the different ways that families are different.

We are going to…

We will practice dialogues about what we like to eat, incorporating the four tastes we learned and the food props they made last week. The discussion will then move from favorite foods to favorite animals and pets. Students will gain vocabulary about animals they like and will explore information about them in the library. They will be asked to share one thing they know about their chosen favorite. We will then begin the written part of their final project, which is book they will create called “All About Me.”

In Math, students will continue counting by 5’s and make a group chart about how many hands we have altogether. They will examine their hand prints and note what is the same and different about them. We will also review the ordering and writing of numbers 1-20.

This week, we feature specialist subject: Music

What a busy week…

Nursery Kindergarten 1 Kindergarten 2

The Unit Theme: Music and Me

Central idea: Music helps me inquire myself.

Line of inquiry 1:  what body parts form myself?

Line of inquiry 2:  what members form my social relations?

Line of inquiry 3:  How put the MY DETAILs in music?

Tasks: 1. Play a music game to learn happy rhythm and dad rhythm.

  1. Through DRAWING to express who am I.
  2. Learning THIS IS ME with music rhythm.
  3. Making a song video.

Children had played music game, and drew their own profiles to illustrate the body parts and social relation members, they learned music rhythm, and try to sing song THIS IS ME. And we also learned a warm up song Shark dance.

We are going to …

Practice the song and have a class singing show and make video.

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