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Shared Mission and Shared Joy –Chinese and foreign teachers of Nantong Stalford International School celebrate Teachers’ Day together


“Respect teachers and value education” is the common cultural value of different countries; Teachers in different countries also have the same sense of honor and mission. It is with such honor and feelings that Chinese and foreign teachers of Nantong Stalford International School gathered together in the afternoon of September 10 to celebrate the 35th Teacher’s Day in China.

First President Wu Heping extended her cordial and warm congratulations to the Chinese and foreign teachers. She said that we have chosen to be a teacher not only because it’s a profession, but also because it’s a mission; Although the teachers of Stalford come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds, they all share the common mission of training talents for the benefits of the society. They respect each other, get along well in spite of differences and become friends. Through collaboration and sharing they have made Stalford family more harmonious, cohesive and promising! Principal Wu thanked the Chinese and foreign teachers for their contributions to the development of the school, and hoped that they would continue to be the guide of students’ morality and virtues, guide of learning knowledge, guide of innovative thinking and guide of benefiting the society. Finally, President Wu wished that every teacher working in Stalford will achieve success in their careers while being loved by their students and trusted by their parents and fully enjoy the dignity and happiness of being a teacher.

President Wu Heping’s enthusiastic speech was welcomed by applauses from the attendees. Then, the Chinese and foreign teachers performed dancing, singing, poetry recitation and other wonderful programs as well as interactive games, through which mutual understanding and friendship was enhanced. The gathering was simple and ceremonial, warm and sweet. The Chinese and foreign teachers enjoyed a very happy Teacher’s Day!

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