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PYP Newsletter Preschool Week 2


NTSIS PYP Preschool Newsletter (19th August – 23rd August 2019)

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who we are

What an eventful first week back-to-school! We had been busy preparing for an exciting academic year ahead. This week, we begin our first unit based on the transdisciplinary theme, Who we are where we will inquire into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human, according to levels. It is going to be 6-weeks of fun learning. Ready or not, here we go!

What a busy week…


It was a week filled with anxiety and worries for both parents and children. It was the first time attending school, for most of the children in the Nursery class. The children make new friends and learned about each other and the teachers in the class. They learned to play with their friends, and most importantly, they learned about sharing toys and playing together.

We are going to…

Central idea:

Getting to know about myself

Lines of inquiry:

1、Our body functions

2、Our abilities

3、Likes and dislikes

Key Concepts:

Function, Responsibility

For the next eight weeks, children will explore the central idea about “Getting to know about myself”. Through introduction, they will learn to identify the different parts of the body and what they can do with their bodies. By active participation and interaction in various activities, they will be more aware of their bodies and gain better understanding of what they can do with their bodies.

What a busy week…

Kindergarten 1:

Our first week in Kindergarten was a great success! Children have done a great job of adjusting to our daily routine. We continue to review classroom rules and procedures as well as proper in door voice level and walking feet in classroom.

We are going to…

Central idea:

Senses help us experience the world

Lines of inquiry:

  1. The senses
  2. Functions of senses
  3. Experiencing with senses

Key Concepts:

Form, Function

This week, we will begin our first Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are.  We will discuss and inquiry how ‘Senses help us experience the world. We will be investigating and exploring how our senses help us to identify sight, sound, taste, feel and smells things around us.  For Language, we will be learning short vowel sounds – aeiou, practice handwriting letter C and O; and for Maths, we will be learning to counting 1 – 5 with counters and practice handwriting 1 – 3.

What a busy week…

Kindergarten 2:

Here we are exploring the new playground!

 Playing a drum game in Ms. Fei Fei’s music class!

Summer fun reading circle in the Library, and a chance to explore our own interests in books!

We are going to…

Central idea:

Everyone is different

Lines of inquiry:

  1. Physical characteristics
  2. Personal characteristics
  3. Learning through experiences

Key Concepts: Perspective, Connection

This week, we will be looking at body traits; focusing on the face vocabulary.

For Language and Literacy, we will explore phonics: alphabet sounds, sight words with focus on vowels, Writing: tracing classroom agreements, listening game: site word fly swatting game. In Math, your child will be writing numbers 1-20, learning comparative sizes, bigger, smaller etc, and counting patterns on the abacus (2, 4, 6, 8)

For English and Math online games, please visit: and


This week, we feature specialist subject: Chinese


This week, we explored the new world: our school. Also, the students tried to figured out the numbers 1–5 in Chinese. Next week we will explore our body in Chinese.


We played with Chinese characters and shared the story, Word Creature. The students finished the project: Word Guessing. We are going to explore our sense in the

following weeks.


The students were given models of bamboo bridge, spinning wheel, rice sheller, two wheeler. They were divided into four groups and discussed how we can use them.

Next week we will have a discussion: Everyone is unique.


Back-to-school assembly on 23 August 2019

In this assembly, Ms. Serena introduced the time capsule for each class. In the time capsule, there will be anything that tells the story of the school year and friendship such as drawings, pictures and little notes. The time capsules will be opened on 19 June 2020!

Ms Lindsey also prepared a paper mosaic project where all PYP students will participate in making. The final work will be displayed at the preschool. Wait for it.

Coffee Time with Parents (21 August 2019)

Thank you parents for joining us! In this Coffee Time, we discussed:

  1. Which festival is significant/special in your country that you would like to share with the PYP family?
  1. Would you consider volunteering for art lessons?
  1. Do you think the timing (Alternate Wednesdays @3:30pm) for the Coffee Time is appropriate?
  2. Would you participate in our Friday assemblies? Do you have a talent that you could share with us?

For parents who have yet joined us, please access this QR code to join in the discussion. Our next Coffee Time will be on 4th September 2019, Wednesday at 3:30pm to discuss the Mid-autumn celebration on 6th September, Friday at assembly.

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