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Communities in Grade 3/4


In this unit of inquiry, we are discovering about different ways communities are organized and the roles people play in diverse communities.

The students watched a video on and did online research to find out about the topic. They learned that a community is a group of people living in a particular area. Community can be roomy or crowded, depending on the size of its land area and population, or a number of people living there. We learned that there are different types of communities like urban, suburban and rural. Students have realized that people’s life can be pretty different depending on where they live. We did a quiz to find out whether we are a city person or a country person. It turned out that everybody is happy to live in a city. Additionally, students created a skit about rural, suburban and urban areas. As a classroom community, students also discovered what capacity is by experimenting with liquids and measuring cups. For the next weeks we will continue to discover more about jobs supporting communities and how we can help elderly people in our community.


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