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Let’s talk about Technology


These days, technology is integral in life as well as education. In school, students access information using tablets and computers in lab and library. This is usually guided by the teachers. The use of technology becomes inevitable, especially during this period of adversity. On the bright side, remote learning has unwittingly provided the opportunity for our Grade 5/6 students to put their ICT and research skills in application.














Mr Tan Wen Yann, Homeroom teacher of Grade 5/6, shares the pros and cons of using technology in remote learning.

Though caught by the unexpected and sudden change of situation and without much resources and platforms, lessons are prepared and conducted online on whatever free resources we can seek or find in the Internet. Teachers’ and students’ feelings are of mixed feelings, nostalgic and excitement because it brought back memories of staying at home when the severe acute respiratory syndrome happened years ago.

With the convenience and flexibility of using Youtube videos, PowerPoint slides and educational websites, online lessons can be brought across to the students at home and using Zoom app to check their assignments and progresses. However, depending solely on such e-learning platform can make learning less personal, less engaging and in the process, less effective and students miss out on the social or face-to-face interaction in group discussions and activities. In addition, not everybody can adapt easily when working from home especially if they do not have a conducive environment, discipline or working equipment like printer and laptop.

Nonetheless, educational websites such as ‘SplashLearn’ is good for learning and revising Maths and ‘Epic!’ has a wide range of books for students to read to pass their time at home and at the same time, cultivate good reading habits. Students have also learnt to refine their research and analyzing skills in surfing Internet for answers to the questions in their assignments. It is with hope that in this process, they have learnt to decide which information are false, true, irrelevant or relevant.

Last but not least, online lessons would not be possible without the great support and guidance of the parents at home as well as the sharing of useful tips and resources among our cooperative teachers.


Here are some online educational sites that are very useful from online learning. It does take a while to load the pages, it is worth the wait.


Epic! Books


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