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Explore the solar system with Grade 2


Learning together with Mr Brett, Grade 2 Homeroom teacher

Group online learning

On the 10th of February 2020, online and home learning started for the PYP G2 class. Students scattered in different parts of China and other countries; Japan, Thailand, Harbin and Nantong.

It has been a trying time for all and the parents and students need to be commended for all their efforts and support that they have shown in aid of continued learning. Parents have had to adapt and learn alongside their children as new programmes and ways of teaching have had to be learnt and tried, and have been amazing.

Along their current line of inquiry: “the Earth and its place within the solar system”, the students managed to create wonderful projects despite the physical distance.

Parental feedback

G2 Homeroom teacher, Mr Brett, has this to say about the whole remote teaching experience:

Parents have been a pillar of strength in their support of being resourceful as to finding and using materials at home to assist in completing projects.

The students have been incredible and I need to praise them for their continued efforts in learning and striving to continue in their learning and discovery of knowledge.

We have used, Microsoft Word, PDF’s, YouTube, PowerPoint, Excel, Zoom, WeChat and Ding talk.

Classes have been run individually and in online group lessons. Students have had reading assignments, poetry reading and recitation, completing differentiated math activities, playing Math games, watching video clips and doing own research to complete information tables, weekly spelling tests.

Students have also had the opportunity to connect with one another and share some conversations, and also connect with old friends.

Learning is ongoing and continues to change and adapt.


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